The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published a great article by Kevin Sintumuang, an editor at, about his first year after canceling cable. He talks about what services he uses to replace cable, as well as what he misses about cable. He doesn’t regret his decision to cancel cable, and reading this will give a boost of confidence to anyone contemplating cutting the cord. You can find a link to the full article and a little snippet below:

A Year Without Cable: Having cut the cord 12 months ago, a long-time subscriber answers the question: Is it possible to survive on Netflix and Hulu alone? By KEVIN SINTUMUANG


When I quit you last year, I told you, “It’s not you. It’s me.” Well, I lied. It was mostly you.


I’m learning to forgive you. But you have to change. It’s easy, really: Let me pay for just the channels I want—say, $100 a month for my choice of 20 instead of $175 for hundreds. If you do that, you can move your set-top box back to where my Apple TV now sits.


Do I miss you? Sometimes. Will we ever be together again? Perhaps. But not today. And not tomorrow. For now, let’s just be friends. I’ll still see you at my parents’ place over the holidays, OK?


The Author’s suggested services for living without cable?