Cable Channel Websites Review

Watch cable channels onlineOverview

Cable channel websites like the Food Network, the History channel, and Lifetime can all be enjoyed online. Cable channel websites provide users with up to date information about their favorite shows from their favorite networks. Most cable channel websites allow users to view recently aired episodes, clips, and more free of charge. From television series to original network movies there is truly something for everyone to be enjoyed at the websites of cable channels. Full episodes of your favorite shows can be enjoyed with out having to spend a dime.

What We Liked

  • Available Content- From your favorite television shows like Desperate Housewives to movies to the latest news coverage, the content that can be found at cable channel websites is extraordinary. Why pay for cable when you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies for free online? There are programming options for the entire family regardless of what their favorite genres are. Users can even enjoy video clips, previews of up and coming shows, and connect with other people who are also fans.
  • Cost- Instead of having to pay an arm and two legs on a monthly cable bill or equipment users only need to pay for their internet access to enjoy the best entertainment options for free.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some websites only allow users to view clips of recently aired programming options.
  • Stuck At The Computer- Users of cable channel websites will be stuck sitting at their computers to enjoy free content online.

What Hardware Is This Available On?

  • Laptop computer
  • Desktop computer
  • Tablets and other devices that allow you to browse the web

Who Is This Recommended For?

  • Anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite shows without overpaying
  • Those who are tired of being ripped off by cable and satellite services


  • Absolutely free. Users will only need to pay their monthly internet bill


  • Internet access
  • Mac or Windows computer
  • A love for entertainment and the power of choice.
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