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ClickerOverview is the comprehensive online guide to Internet television. By going to Clicker you can see what TV shows can be found at what time and on which website.  The variety of online television shows is becoming so wide that it can be overwhelming for people looking for the right TV show to watch at any particular time. Huge numbers of episodes from different TV shows are available on different websites and can be seen at different times.

Anyone who is confused by the amount of choice on offer can go to and find the show they are looking for with information about where it can be seen and at what time. Clicker takes the confusion out of online viewing and creates order out of seeming chaos by putting all the information in one place where it can be found easily by people who enjoy viewing their TV shows online. Clicker provides a catalog not only of the TV shows available online but of shows that originate from the web but are of TV quality.

You can see what is available to watch and equally importantly save a lot of searching time by seeing what is not available at any time. is a search engine, directory and entertainment guide that finds out what is on, puts it in order for you and recommends interesting TV shows you may want to watch. Clicker also provides information about the available shows to help you make the selection. allows you to browse shows from the TV and Internet as well as movies and music on offer, and lets you see what live streams are on air.

Clicker Screenshot Showing All Online Sources For EpisodeWhat We Liked

  • Finding TV shows on Clicker saves a lot of searching time and allows you to look for your favorite show or browse to see what else is on offer;
  • Clicker puts order into online TV viewing by providing times and locations so you can plan the whole evening’s viewing in advance;
  • Clicker enables you to quickly see what movies and music are on offer;
  • Clicker informs you about shows from more than 2,500 networks.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Despite the very wide coverage on Clicker it still does not show all TV shows and movies that are available on the Internet.

What Equipment Is Needed?

  • Clicker.TV - Clicker's Site On Your TVYou can access on a computer or laptop and there is a Clicker iPhone app and a Clicker Google Android app. You can also link your laptop to the TV and enjoy the Internet TV or movie offerings on the TV.

Who Can Benefit From Clicker?

  • Anyone who is too busy to go out to the cinema;
  • People who want to watch TV or movies when away from home or travelling;
  • Anyone who is confused by the wide variety of Internet TV on offer.


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