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Crackle is an online entertainment location that offers access to online movies, TV shows and original services in genres such as horror or science fiction. The offering on Crackle covers not only sci-fi and horror but comedy, action and drama. The movies and TV shows are delivered online by Crackle to any computer, mobile device, gaming console or internet connected TV. To use Crackle it is only necessary to go to the website and register. No subscription or membership fee is required. Crackle can offer these services free of charge to users because it runs commercials and earns advertising money. Users can pick out their favorite videos as they search through the offering and arrange them in a queue for viewing, They can also share this selection by making it public as part of their profile, enabling friends to see what they are choosing to watch.

What We Liked

  • Crackle offers free movies and tv showsWhen browsing the offering on Crackle it is possible to make a list of your favorite videos as you spot them and then recall this list later and add or subtract videos from the list;
  • The arrangement by genres such as sci-fi or anime enables quicker searching and less time wasted trawling through titles to find a suitable one;
  • The ability to register free of charge makes it easy to go in and try out the service without worrying about cost;
  • The offering on Crackle can be accessed and downloaded on a wide range of computers and mobile devices or on internet connected TV;
  • Connection speed and video quality are good.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The frequency of the breaks for commercials can be irritating;
  • Although the choice of viewing is quite reasonable not everything that people look for is available;
  • Some people have had trouble with the screen freezing.

Who Is It Suitable For?

  • Anyone who wants to watch movies or TV when travelling or away from home;
  • People who cannot get out of the house to go to the cinema or rent videos;
  • All who want to watch good movies or TV offerings free of charge;
  • Anyone who wants to choose from a reasonable selection of entertainment.

What Equipment Is Required?

  • Crackle can be accessed on a wide range of computers and mobile devices. It is best to have an Internet connection via Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 or later. Crackle can be accessed using Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7.0 or later. Also recommended is Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22 or above.
Crackle is available on a wide range of devices!

Crackle is available on a wide range of devices!


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