David Pogue, the New York Times technology writer, wrote an article today comparing Amazon’s streaming video service to Netflix’s streaming video option. To summarize his conclusions, Amazon Instant Video is cheaper, and definitely a better deal if you make use of the free two day shipping and read e-books, but Netflix still has more content available in total. He also points out that both fail when it comes to providing recently released movies. The best two things about the article are that it brings more awareness to alternatives to cable for those who are on the fence about canceling cable, and inspired a lively discussion by lots of users of both products in the comments section of the site. I’ve actually been surprised how few people seem to be aware of Amazon Instant Video. I have friends who subscribe to Amazon Prime, which gives them access to Instant Video’s more than 22,000 TV episodes and movies, who didn’t even know that was available to them or just though it didn’t have very much. To be fair, when it first started they did offer very little content, but over the past year they’ve signed a lot of deals to increase the amount of content offered so that it finally is competitive with Netflix.

Check out the article for yourself at: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/30/technology/personaltech/amazons-streaming-movie-service-offers-its-own-potluck-state-of-the-art.html

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