Google TV Review

Google TVOverview

Google TV is an interactive software platform  marvel that allows users to view the best content of the internet right on their TVs. This smart TV from Google changes the way viewers enjoy their favorite entertainment. This hardware runs on the Google Android operating system and allows users to view movies, television series, and even You Tube videos directly on their televisions. Take the content out of your computer and enjoy it on your television. Applications and games can also be enjoyed with Google TV.

What We Liked

  • Variety Of Content- Television shows, movies, and even the best content on the internet can all be enjoyed with Google TV. From Netflix to You Tube, users can count on variety. Music is also available on Google TV.
  • Many Easy To Use Features- While Google TV is state of the art software it is simple to use and easy to fall in love with. Users can enjoy picture in picture input so they can surf the web and watch TV all at the same time, in their living rooms.
  • Fantastic User Interface- Pages load quickly and users can expect top performance.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Blocked Content- While users can enjoy a variety of content, some of the best channels like Comedy Central and Fox have blocked Google TV from accessing their content.
  • Half Hour Installation Time- The installation time for Google TV can take up to a half an hour.
  • Limited DVR- Not all users can enjoy DVR capabilities.

Google TV Watching LiveWhat Content Is Available On This Hardware

  • You Tube and Clicker
  • CNN, TNT, TBS, Flixster, and Pandora can all be found on Google TV
  • Netflix, Napster, and games like Frogger can also be enjoyed.
  • Much, much more

Who is This Recommended For?

  • Anyone who is tired of getting ripped off by cable providers.
  • Those who love streaming internet content in their living rooms


  • Users can expect to pay around one to two hundreds dollars for the Logitech Revue Google TV. There are no monthly fees with Google TV.


  • High speed internet access
  • Android Devices
  • Logitech Revue
  • Internet TV
  • HDTVs

[Image Credits: Google TV]

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