How much can I save cancelling cable?

Many people worry about the bills they need to pay each month but never look too closely at how to reduce them. This is a mistake, because sometimes a small change in habits could mean you can dispense with some of those monthly charges altogether. You may try to save on the electric bill or gas, or even use the telephone less, but not many people think about one of the most expensive items of all, the bill for receiving cable TV. Even though times are difficult people do not think of giving up this expensive burden on their monthly budget.

You can completely stop all payments for cable TV but still gain access to most of the shows you are accustomed to viewing. You may even discover new ones and find out about a wide range of content you weren’t aware of before. Giving up cable will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year without taking away any of the benefits of watching your favorite TV shows or documentaries.

You can save the money previously spent on cable TV and use it to pay off the other debts that have accumulated during the hard times. Instead you can make use of digital broadcast TV to fill the gap left by cancelling the cable subscription. Even if this only saves you a thousand dollars a year that’s five thousand dollars in five years or twenty thousand in twenty years, not to mention the compound interest if you invest the money. Your monthly headache in the form of a bill from the cable company is transformed into an investment that helps towards a comfortable retirement. A retirement that can be spent watching digital broadcast TV.

Many people never take the step of cancelling cable because they are afraid of what they might miss on TV. The answer is that they would miss very little. You can cancel your subscription to cable TV and still see all the best TV shows on digital broadcast TV. If you buy a digital antenna you can view the TV shows with a picture quality that is at least as good as, if not better than, the digital cable TV you have given up. The majority of TV shows you can see on cable are also available free on the Internet. If you subscribe to a service such as Netflix you can get a good selection of movies as well as TV shows.

Any TV can receive digital broadcast TV provided you acquire a digital TV receiver and have an antenna to pick up the broadcasts. You can find out where the digital TV broadcasts are coming from in your area by going to websites like that have this information. You can then point your antenna in the right direction and start viewing digital broadcast TV with a good picture quality.

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