You can watch the Vice-Presidential debate (and the punditry that leads in and follows) online for free the same way you can watch the Presidential debates. So like that post, here are a few ways you’ll be sure to see all the action:

  • YouTube Politics has non-stop coverage from 4 PM – 11:30 PM ET
  • CNN offers the coverage from your computer, tablet, or phone. CNN’s viewer will let you pause, rewind, and fast forward the livestream as well. In addition, CNN is also offering an interesting new tool that will let you create clips from the debate right after they happen and share them with your friends. CNN also offers close captioning with its online stream.
  • C-SPAN also is offering free live coverage of the debate.
  • The websites of many newspapers will also be offering free live coverage of the presidential debates, so check you’re favorite paper or try the New York Times.