How To Watch Your Favorite Cable Shows Without Subscribing To Cable TV

How To Watch Your Favorite Cable Shows Without Subscribing To Cable TVCancelling the subscription to cable TV does not mean that you cannot watch the best TV shows any more. If you take the step of cancelling the cable TV subscription you could find that a whole new world of TV opens up ready for you to explore. If instead of paying hundreds of dollars a year in subscribing to cable TV you cancel this subscription and use free digital broadcast TV you can still get to see many of the best cable shows using a digital antenna or by using services like, iTunes or Netflix. From you have the opportunity to legally see a wide variety of movies and TV shows free of charge. Using this service you can see shows from Comedy Central, SciFi Channel or Fox in addition to shows from NBC and Universal. You will never have a problem if you want to see The Daily Show, The Simpsons, Family Guy or Battlestar Galactica.

Even if a show is not available from live digital broadcast TV or from it may be possible to find it from the website of one of the major TV networks who make a selection of shows available. You can find live video feeds on that are updated regularly throughout the day. CBS offers a selection of classic shows such as Star Trek, while ABC makes available episodes of many of the popular shows like Gray’s Anatomy or Lost. You need to search carefully because some of the TV networks make available short clips from their shows and this can make it confusing when looking for full length episodes.

A small subscription to Netflix can give access to a selection of movies and shows online and movies on DVD. You can also try iTunes which has an offering that includes many of the top TV shows and you can subscribe to individual episodes or to a whole season of a show. A subscription to Netflix can be obtained at a fraction of the cost that is saved by cancelling cable TV.

All you need to keep viewing TV and movies after cancelling your cable subscription is a computer and a fast Internet connection for services like Netflix, or a digital converter box and antenna for live broadcast digital TV. A subscription to, Netflix or iTunes will be at a fraction of the cost of a cable TV subscription. After cancelling the subscription to cable TV you will never look back.

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