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Hulu is a free Internet TV provider, which is exactly as it sounds: television you can watch on the internet. Like TV there are tons of shows and movies that you can watch on Hulu, and just like traditional TV, you will have to put up with the advertisements while you watch your favorite show, though there are fewer on Hulu.

What We Liked

  • Free—Hulu give you access to a lot of TV shows for the cost of watching fewer ads than you get with cable
  • Easy—watch right in your browser just by clicking the play button
  • Current Content—Hulu offers a lot of your favorite shows the day after they air on TV
  • Variety of Content—Hulu has a lot more than TV shows in the current season, including shows now off the air and lots of movies
  • Hulu Desktop & Hulu Social—an application that lets you watch without a browser (and with a pc remote) and the ability to see what your friends are watching and comment on specific moments.
  • Commercials—not really, but Hulu does often give you input into what commercials you watch, which makes it a little better

What We Didn’t Like

  • Limited to watching on computer—you can hook your computer up to your TV without too much trouble, but there’s no easy way to stream through a device (Hulu Plus offers this feature)
  • Content holes—still missing some big shows such as anything on CBS and premium cable channels, but Hulu also acts as an aggregator and provides links to where you can watch content when it’s available (some older shows are only available to Hulu Plus subscribers)
  • No HD streaming video

Hulu Video PlayerWhat hardware is this available on?

You can watch Hulu from your PC, but if you want to be more comfortable you’ll need to connect your computer to your TV. Upgrade to Hulu Plus for a lot more options.

Who is this Recommended For?

Hulu is recommended for anyone who loves to watch TV shows for free. Without spending any money on a subscription you can watch most of your favorite shows a day after they air. Hulu only shows the last 5 episodes in a season for free, which is plenty if you’re watching the new episodes as they come out. You’ll have to upgrade to Hulu Plus to be able to see all the episodes though. With their wide range of content, there will surely be something for everybody. However, if you want a little more than what Hulu is already providing for free, you can always subscribe to Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus basically offers more content, HD streaming, and the ability to watch Hulu on all kinds of devices, from your smart phone to your TV. If you don’t need those features, then Hulu is for you. It’s free, so don’t take our word for it—try if for yourself!


  • Free


  • Windows, Mac, or Linux PC with Adobe Flash Player, modern versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome with javascript and cookies enabled
  • Hulu recommends a 1 Mbps Internet connection
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