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Major League Baseball TVOverview

MLB TV is a service that requires users to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee that allows them to watch live major league baseball games that are streamed directly through either their browser or another hardware device like the PlayStation 3 gaming console. A variety of video qualities are available for users to choose from that allow them to get the best picture quality possible, regardless of what kind of hardware they are using to stream games. Audio broadcasts can also be streamed as well as all of your favorite games. This is a reliable service that has been around since the 2002 game season.

What We Liked

  • Watch up to 4 live games at once!

    Watch up to 4 live games at once!

    Hardware Options- MLB TV is available on many different types of hardware. The power is back into the hands of the user.

  • High Definition- Users can actually feel like they are at the game with the wind in their hair due to the high quality of high definition viewing that is available. If a game is broadcast in HD you can just bet that you get to enjoy it with the highest quality picture currently available.
  • Variety Of Games- It does not matter what your favorite team is you are sure to find them on waiting for you on MLB TV.
  • Variety of Picture Quality- Many different picture qualities are offered by MLB TV.  The lowest quality is 400k and the highest is 1.2 MB.
  • Affordability- This live streaming subscription service is extremely affordable consider all of the quality features that users have access to. These prices are especially low when compared to the monthly cost of cable. Subscriptions can start as low as twenty five bucks a month or just over a hundred dollars for an entire year of service.
  • Blacked Out Games Archived-While blackouts are a real pain in the neck, any game that a user misses because of blackout restrictions will be archived roughly an hour and a half after it is broadcast. There are not any blackout restrictions on audio broadcasts.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Subject To Blackouts- As with most sports subscription services MLB TV users are subject to blackouts when a game is being broadcast on a local viewing network. Blackouts are restricted to certain countries including the United States.
  • Limited Games In HD- If a game is broadcast in HD MLB TV users can expect to view it with the same quality picture. However, not all games are broadcast in high definition.

What Hardware Is This Available On?

Who Is This Recommended For?

  • Any baseball lover
  • Those tired of being ripped off by cable and satellite providers
  • Those who are tired of missing their favorite games due to hectic schedules
  • Fantasy baseball fans who want to keep up to date about the current season


  • Cost depend on the picture quality that you prefer. Subscriptions can start as low as twenty five bucks a month.
  • Yearly services can cost as much as over one hundred dollars.


  • High speed internet access for best performance
  • A computer that meets the system requirements
  • Streaming device
  • Television
  • A love of the great American game of baseball
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