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NBA League Pass BroadbandNBA League Pass allows you to watch basketball games live on your computer or mobile device with its Broadband and Mobile packages. There’s even an offering for cable subscribers as this service offers more than what you get with your cable package. With NBA League Pass Broadband you can choose whether you want access to every NBA game or just the games of your 5 favorite teams whereas with the mobile package you get access to all the games. If you really love basketball, this service offers more than cable or satellite packages.

NBA League Pass Broadband allows basketball fans to enjoy games in HD, with the ability to watch 4 games at once or use picture in picture, enjoy DVR functionality, and you’ll also have instant access to all past games in the current season if you miss a game or just want to rewatch your favorite moments. NBA League Pass Mobile also gives you access to the past games. While there are a couple channel offerings that you can only get through your cable provider with this service, you can still enjoy the games with great features without having to overpay for cable.

What We Liked

  • Full Featured Viewing Experience—usually watching online means giving up some of the features that you’re used to from cable, but the NBA League Pass Broadband offers DVR functionality, picture in picture, and even a mosaic view where you can watch 4 live games at once—right on your computer!
  • Mobile—never miss your favorite team or another game again, even when you are out and about
  • High Definition—all games are in picture perfect high definition (up to 720p) at no extra charge
  • Cheaper Option—if you just care about a few teams, and don’t need to be able to see every game in the NBA, they have a cheaper package where you get the same features but for 5 teams that you choose
  • International—there’s also an offering for those outside of the United States

What We Didn’t Like

  • Blackouts—when a game is televised nationally or locally you can’t use this service to watch the game live, so you’ll have to watch the game on the local television channel
  • No Package—you have to purchase the broadband and mobile packages separately (if you have cable they offer a package for your TV, computer, and mobile device combined)

What Hardware Is This Available On?

Who Is This Recommended For?

  • Folks who want to be able to see more than just the local team’s games
  • Basketball fans who want to have access to every game in the NBA
  • Anyone who is tired of overpaying for cable services


  • Mobile—$39.99 for the iOS or Android App (Sprint customers get 20% off) for access to all games (blackouts apply)
  • Broadband—4 payments of $29.95 for access to your 5 favorite teams ($109 if you pay upfront), or 4 payments of $46.95 for access to all NBA games ($169 if you pay upfront).


  • Broadband internet connection speed of 1 Mbps to view a single game; 2.5 Mbps to view 4 games at once; 3.5 Mbps for streaming in HD
  • Android or iOS mobile device from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon
  • Love of basketball

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  • steven
    #1 written by steven  11 years ago

    So I have boxee and I want to get NBA league pass and fox soccer plus 2 go so that I can have the sport I like and ditch the remaining $78 a month in cable costs just to watch sport. However I’ve heard there is a flash issue that affects watching the league pass on your tv through a boxee box. I was wondering if I would be able to watch it through my Wii or if I would have to wire my computer to my tv.

  • derek
    #2 written by derek  11 years ago

    Hey Steven.. yeah flash doesn’t work on smart TV. Gotta wire laptop to TV.. also I suggest using an Ethernet cable not wireless… a lot less lag

  • Jeremy
    #3 written by Jeremy  11 years ago

    Don’t buy it! Tried NBA LP broadband instead of buying cable. I live in SD and mostly wanted it for the Lakers. What’s not apparent is that they blackout every game that is televised! That’s right every game in your market that is televised. So this is not a replacement for cable as you can’t watch any games broadcasted or blacked out.

    To top it off, while trying to get it working my login was locked out and I’ve had no response from cust service in 4 days. Save your money, run away.

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