Ad for Free Trial with Launch of House of CardsNetflix has launched its new original series House of Cards today. This show is only available on Netflix, and it stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and is directed by David Fincher (of The Social Network and Seven fame). If you sign up for Netflix now to watch the show, you get immediate access to the entire first season of the show. There’s no waiting each week for a new episode, so if you need to find out what happens next you can. Instant gratification. There are 13 episodes available, varying in length from 46 to 56 minutes. Sign up now and you get a one-month free trial of Netflix, which is plenty of time to watch all of House of Cards plus lots of other great content that Netflix offers.

This is the second original series that Netflix is launching, the first having been almost a year ago. In 2013 though, Netflix will be launching a lot of other original content, including the highly anticipated 4th season of Arrested Development on May 4, 2013.

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Check out the trailer for House of Cards below–you won’t want to miss this series!