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There was a time when it was necessary to be there in front of the TV at the right time to catch the latest episode of a favorite TV show. Once a show was missed it could not be seen unless repeated on a different day and time a month or two later. On the day of an important episode the need to get home on time and switch on the TV became a distraction from work and the slightest interruption such as an unexpected visitor could lead to feelings of frustration or anger.

As technology advanced it became possible to record episodes for viewing later and some of the problems were solved. People then began to have that familiar feeling of frustration after realizing they had forgotten to record a TV show or they had accidentally erased the recording before seeing it. The problems were made worse by the increasingly busy lives led by most people who did not have the time to sift through the backlog of recorded shows and pick out the ones they needed to see.

In the age of the Internet these problems are finally a thing of the past. The main TV networks now provide a full online service that enables viewers to watch what they want at a time that suits them. It is possible to watch TV on the laptop even when working late at the office or away from home on a business trip. By accessing the websites of the main TV providers the viewers can catch up with TV news or look in at the current TV offerings.

What We Liked

  • The selection of viewing offered by the major networks is very wide. It is possible to catch up with past episodes of those favorite shows in preparation for watching the latest one. Background interviews and analysis can be studied before watching an important encounter in the NFL. Ground-breaking political or scientific documentaries can be viewed one after another to get up to date with the latest activity and opinion.
  • The online offerings from TV networks can be used for business or pleasure, learning or entertainment. People who lead hectic business lives that never allow time to relax in front of a TV can catch up with market facts and commentaries while on the move. Harnessing the learning potential of the online TV offerings can help business people keep on top of the changing world business scene and gain further expertise in their own industrial sector. By making use of the expertise available online everyone can raise the quality of their business lives and leisure time.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes difficult to find what you want to see;
  • Offerings are wide but not everything you want is available;
  • Not enough opportunities to watch live TV online.

Who Is This Recommended For?

  • People who spend a lot of time on the move;
  • Anyone who likes to watch during the lunch break at work;
  • Students catching up with documentaries as part of their studies
  • Anyone who prefers using the laptop to the TV


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