NHL Game Center Live Review

NHL Game Center Live ReviewOverview

NHL Game Center Live is a streaming video service that targets sports fans. This service provides users with the ability to watch over forty games that are out of season each and every week. Users can also enjoy watching replays of all of the action that they missed through out the week. Users of NHL Game Center Live can also look forward to being able to watch classic games from years gone by. Whether your favorite hockey team is on the road or right at home, you do not have to miss a second of the nonstop action with this incredible service. Games can be viewed in high definition where available.

What We Liked

  • DVR Functionality- Users have the ability to pause, fast forward, and rewind live games as they are being broadcast.
  • Radio Broadcast- Regardless of whether or not you are able to watch the game, you can at least listen to it with the Radio Broadcast feature that is including in this streaming service.
  • Available Devices- There is a long list of devices that support NHL Game Center Live.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Blackouts- When a game is televised on a national level, users of NHL Game Center Live can expect to experience blackouts.
  • Live Chat Feature- While this feature sounds glamorous, users often encounter unpleasant fan to fan experiences.

What Hardware Is This Available On?

  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPhone
  • Android devices including tablets

Who Is This Recommended For?

  • Anyone who does not want to miss a moment of the greatest game on Earth
  • Anyone who is tired of overpaying and being taking advantage of by cable companies
  • Fantasy league fans


  • Five monthly payments of $23.95
  • Single payment of $119


  • One of the many supported devices for on the go entertainment
  • One of the many supported streaming devices to watch at home
  • High speed internet access
  • A love for hockey
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