Nintendo Wii Review


The Wii is a console for playing home video games and is marketed as a family entertainment vehicle. By the use of a handheld remote device which can detect movement in three dimensions the Wii allows the user to interactive games. The Wii allows you to use the Internet connection to download more games, take part in interactive games or just chat with friends and family.

From the Wii menu it is possible to go to the Internet channel to get online. You can connect to the Internet and connect to online video or TV channels to catch up with TV shows and episodes of those shows you may have missed in the past few months. Other viewing can be downloaded using the Wii shop channel.

You can also download Wii Ware games. Using the Wii Wi Fi connection it is possible to participate in online games that are compatible with the services offered and to compete with other online game players throughout the world. You can compare your performance to the best online players by uploading your personal best scores to the online leader boards.

The Wii message board can be used to leave messages for members of the family or to send messages to friends throughout the world. By going to the Wii photo channel on the menu it is possible to store and view digital photos that can be uploaded onto the Wii console. This enables family viewing of photos of past holidays and days out.

You can also enjoy Wii if on your own. By going to the Mii channel you can put your own facial characteristics on a variety of characters and place yourself in video games such as Wii Sports or Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City. These can be shared with people elsewhere through the Mii Contest Channel or stored on a Wii Remote and taken along to be used when visiting another person who has a Wii.

What We Liked

  • It keeps the children happy for long periods and there is enough to interest all the family;
  • The connections to the Internet allow viewing of movies and TV shows from Netflix, or the websites of major TV networks;
  • The multimedia console allows the family to enjoy photos and music as well as video games;
  • The ability to download additional games from the web or the Wii Ware games keeps up the interest in using the Wii.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The Wii is family oriented and may not be the most suitable product for someone who is not looking to play games with family or friends or share photos within the family;
  • This product may be targeted at a rather younger audience than some of the competing products on the market;
  • The Wii is a family entertainment product rather than a platform for serious gaming enthusiasts.

What Content Is Available

  • Content available through the Wii includes Netflix which lets you access a selection of movies and TV shows. You can also connect to which gives you access to a range of platforms for viewing movies and other content. It is also possible to access websites of major TV networks through the Internet connection and view the selections of TV shows available from these sites.

Who Is It Suitable For?

  • Families who want an interactive time together;
  • People who want to access movies and TV shows through the Internet connection;
  • Children who want to play video games with friends;
  • People who are looking for a place to store and display their family photos.

Equipment Required

  • The only equipment required is a Wii console and a broadband connection
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