One of the biggest reasons not to purchase the Apple TV has been eliminated this week. If you are one who likes to own the TV shows that you watch, then purchasing new shows on iTunes shortly after they aired would have been fine for you. But if you wanted to watch shows once and not pay to own episodes forever, then you were out of luck. Apple TV has been able to get content from your Netflix subscription for a long time, but Netflix tends to have past seasons rather than episodes from the current season. That’s why it’s so great that you can access your Hulu Plus content on your Apple TV now. Hulu Plus offers access to the recently aired episodes of your favorite shows in addition to entire seasons and lots of movies for one low monthly rate.  So now the Apple TV can help those who prefer the Hulu Plus subscription model, as opposed to the iTunes pay-per-episode model, get their favorite TV shows onto the TV in the living room that much easier. And if you have an Apple TV, why not try out Hulu Plus with a free trial today. If this is what you’ve been waiting for to cancel cable, then now’s the time!

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Hulu Plus for Apple TV

The Apple TV listed on the Hulu Plus devices page.
[Image Credit: Hulu]