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playon ReviewPlayOn is a streaming video software that acts like a digital media server for gaming consoles and a number of other devices. The software is downloaded onto the computer and allows users to view content on their computer on their television via the internet. Users can also enjoy their favorite PlayOn content on the go with the long list of supported mobile devices. Users can enjoy the best internet content streamed from their computer to their living rooms. PlayOn provides all of the best channels along with the ability to view any media that is stored on their computer on their television. Users can also stream their favorite subscription services like Hulu and Netflix.

We have partnered with PlayOn to give our readers a free trial of PlayOn. Give it a try!

What We Liked

  • Available Content- There is truly something for everyone with PlayOn. From music to movies to sports and television series, users are bound to find their favorite everything. Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, and MTV are just a few of the entertainment options that can be enjoyed with PlayOn.
  • Free Trial- New members can enjoy PlayOn and all of it’s features free for two whole weeks.
  • Supported Devices- PlayOn can be enjoyed on a number of different devices.
  • Affordability- PlayOn provides most of the same programming as cable at a much more affordable rate.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Left Out Mac Users- Currently, there is not a version of PlayOn for Mac users. It is only for Windows users.
  • Technical Difficulties- A lot of users seem to experience quite a few technical difficulties when using the Play On software. While the software is easy to install and navigate, users often find themselves frustrated due to connection issues, security issues, or corrupted data.
  • High Speed Internet Required For Optimal Service- Users who have less than lightening fast internet connections should expect to experience some problems streaming PlayOn content.

What Hardware Is This Available On?

  • Supported devices for PlayOn include gaming consoles like the XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii
  • Any Windows computer with an internet connection
  • Android devices like tablets and phones for on the go viewing
  • Streaming devices like Roku, internet enabled televisions, and Google TV


  • Monthly subscription cost for PlayOn is only $4.99
  • Yearly subscription cost for PlayOn is $39.99
  • One time fee of $89.99


  • High speed internet access
  • Windows PC
  • Streaming device like a gaming console or Roku
  • A love for entertainment

Who is This Recommended For?

  • Entertainment lovers who are sick of paying the high price of cable
  • Anyone who wants the freedom to enjoy on demand viewing options
  • Those who are ready to enjoy the best of the web’s content on their televisions
  • Gaye
    #1 written by Gaye  11 years ago

    I would love to quit cable. I’m waiting for PlayOn to carry more channels like USA and Tnt., I will buy it soon because at the price of $39.99 for life, if you have a Roku, its worth for the Netflix alone.

    • Quit Cable
      #2 written by Quit Cable  11 years ago

      That’s correct, PlayOn is having a sale and promotional offer right now. For $69.99 (discounted from $89.99) you get a lifetime license for PlayOn and just by sharing the offer on facebook you get a Roku LT (a $49.99 value) for free! You have to pay $9.99 shipping and handling, but this is still a great deal. To check out this offer go to the PlayOn website and click the “Buy It” button in the upper right.
      You can find out more about Roku from our Roku review!

    • TNT
      #3 written by TNT  11 years ago

      Not sure what you meant by it’s worth for the Netflix alone. PlayOn does not give you free Netflix. You still have to have subscription to stream any shows from it.

  • Sedric
    #4 written by Sedric  11 years ago

    I personally would not enjoy my playon experience if it werent for the 3rd party scripts. That is where majority of the best content lies. Granted they are quirky at times and the content can cut in/out at times due to how playon processes the videos; when they work, you can get anything you want. I learned to write scripts and created my own to serve my purposes (i.e. look up 5 star flicks and tv shows). There are many other good ones posted by other 3rd party developers as well.

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