PlayStation 3 With PlayStation Network Review


PlayStation 3 is a well-known games console and entertainment center on which games can be played in 3D and on high definition, with an excellent sound system. The system has a Blu-ray player built in and it is possible to watch the highest quality movies and video games on the system. There is plenty of content to allow users to play games with other people who they can meet through the gaming communities. New games are available from the PlayStation Store.

Games and movies can be streamed to the system via PlayStation Network. It is also possible to use Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU or Cinema Now to view movies or catch up with those missed episodes of TV shows. The Internet connection can be used to access the websites of major TV networks and view the offerings of TV shows available there. The HDMI connection allows the entertainment center to be linked to high definition TV to provide viewing for all the family.

PlayStation Network is an interactive online space that enables PlayStation users to chat to friends and people with similar interests, take part in online games and search for interesting sites on the web. There are online gaming tournaments leading to trophies for the winners and participants can compare their scores to the best players and try to make it onto the leader boards. In addition to voice and text messaging it is possible to see the friends you are talking to using the PlayStation Eye web camera.

What We Liked

  • It is possible to play music CDs, copy CDs direct to the hard drive and play Blu-ray disks and CDs;
  • You can view movies and TV shows via platforms such as Netflix or Hulu Plus;
  • You can connect your digital video camera to the PlayStation 3 using a USB cable so you can store your own videos.
  • Personal digital photos can be stored and viewed using a selection of slideshow options;
  • The console comes with the essential hardware in place and there is no immediate need to go out and buy further accessories;
  • Joining the interactive community on PlayStation Network is free; registration is necessary but no subscription is payable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A broadband connection is required so fees must be paid for this;
  • Some services on PlayStation Network must be paid for;
  • PlayStation Network is not available in some parts of the world and also not available in some languages.

What Content Is Available

  • In addition to the new games and movies available from PlayStation Store you can view HD or 3D movies and a wide selection of TV shows using Hulu Plus, VUDU, Cinema Now and Netflix;
  • For viewing sport you can access the NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Game Center and;
  • For music content you can access Music Unlimited.

Who Is It Suitable For?

  • Anyone looking to access movies and TV shows through Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU and Cinema Now or from the websites of major TV networks;
  • Families who want to enjoy an interactive time together;
  • Anyone who wants to compete in online video game tournaments;
  • People who want to keep in touch with their friends;
  • Anyone looking to store and view photos from their digital camera or videos from their digital video camera

Equipment Required

  • The required equipment is PlayStation 3 and a broadband connection
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