Vudu Review

Vudu ReviewOverview allows you to download and watch high definition movies on your computer, iPad, PlayStation, Xbox 360, Blu-ray player or high definition TV.  You just pay for what you watch, with no extra fees or subscriptions, so there is no danger of paying for something you never receive. Vudu is ideal for watching a lot of new releases without worrying about the local store running out of stock. also offers a relaxing experience to customers as they look at the new movies availableor browse through the whole collection by category or see what has been watched the most. also offers many of your favorite shows from the TV networks, including episodes from the current seasons (though there are some big gaps). For now, is mostly a replacement for movies and TV shows available on DVD, though they are making current season episodes from more shows available.

What We Liked

  • Plenty of guidance for new users with user manual, quick start guide, telephone support line, and forums with other users;
  • Good choice of movies
  • Many major titles can be seen on Vudu before they are on Netflix
  • No monthly subscription and no contract to sign
  • Thousands of movies available to rent for $2 for two nights
  • 99 cent movie rental of the day
  • Free site credit on sign up and for referring friends

What We Didn’t Like

  • The quality of the experience depends on the type of device the movies are played on so this may not be the best way for everyone to watch movies (SD is the only option available on your computer or iPad)

What Hardware Is This Available On?

  • Computer
  • iPad
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox 360 (with Xbox Live Gold Membership)
  • Select Blu-ray players
  • Select High definition TVs

Who is this recommended for?

  • Anyone with a device for HD viewing who loves watching with the best picture quality available
  • People who travel a lot
  • Anyone who now rents movies from the local store or his or her the cable provider


  • Varies; new movies tend to rent for $3.99/4.99/5.99 and sell for $14.99/19.99/19.99 in SD/HD/HDX
  • Many discounts and older films rent and sell for less
  • New TV shows sell for $1.99/2.99/2.99 in SD/HD/HDX per episode; past seasons are sold in their entirety for varying prices


  • An appropriate device to view the movies on
  • Internet connection: Vudu recommends 1 Mbps/2.25 Mbps/4.5 Mbps respectively for viewing in SD/HD/HDX
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