Screenshot of Showtime's Free Full Episodes OnlineTo watch entire series of TV shows on Showtime from past seasons, the best online sources is probably Netflix. However, you have to pay for the Netflix subscription, and you have to wait a long time after the episodes air on TV for them to make it to Netflix. There’s no great solution to this problem yet, but Showtime has been putting the first episodes (the season premieres) of their TV shows online for free shortly after the original air date so you can at least watch the first episode of your favorite Showtime series online for free. Some episodes are up on YouTube, while others are only up on Showtime’s website. Here are the links to the two sources of free Showtime season premieres:

Showtime Network Free Full Episodes

Showtime Free Full Episodes on YouTube

Some of the shows they currently have online are:

Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 (s07e01)

House of Lies Season 2 Episode 1 (s02e01)

The Borgias Season 2 Episode 1 (s02e01)

Nurse Jackie Season 4 Episode 1 (s04e01)

Homeland Season 2 Episode 1 (s02e01)

Episodes Season 2 Episode 1 (s02e01)

Californication Season 6 Episode 1 (s06e01)

Shameless Season 3 Episode 1 (s03e01)

The Big C Season 3 Episode 1 (s03e01)