Hulu Plus on the Wii" src="" alt="Hulu Plus on the Wii" />As of today, you can now watch all your favorite content from Hulu Plus on your Wii.  With a Hulu Plus channel in addition to the Netflix channel that’s been available on the Wii for a long time, the Wii has become a worthy online streaming device. You’ll have to pay for two subscriptions, but those two monthly payments offer you access to most of the current TV shows, lots of past TV shows, and more movies than you could watch in a lifetime—all for a lot less than whatever you’re paying each month for cable. It’s still probably not worth it to go out and get a Wii just to use to stream TV shows and movies to your TV, but if you will also love the great interactive games or already have a Wii, it now makes it super easy to watch all that Hulu Plus and Netflix have to offer right on your TV.

Here’s the official blog post on Hulu:

And a video highlighting the features of the Hulu Plus channel for the Wii: