For the first time, every sport in the Olympics is being streamed live online. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that everybody has access to it. The official site for the 2012 London Olympic Games is, but you will only be able to watch the live streaming video of each sport if you are a cable subscriber. NBC, owned by a cable company, says the online streaming video is meant to complement your television coverage, not replace it. So the good news is, if you are a cable subscriber, you will be able to watch every sport that you care about live online for no additional cost, even if the sport won’t be shown on television. And you can even watch it on your smartphone or tablet! The nice thing is that if you get your internet from your cable provider you might be able to log in just by pressing a button so that you don’t even need to have a user name and password.

Watching two live feeds from the 2012 London Olympics on

Watching two live feeds from the London Olympics on

The BBC is streaming live coverage of the Olympics as well, but only for those in the UK, and the Olympic Committee is offering live streams as well, but only for some countries in Asia and Africa. Impressive, but none of this benefits the cord cutter who has canceled cable.

In the US, you can see full completed events at, but again, only if you subscribe to cable.

You can still get live coverage of the Olympics from BBC radio at:

And you can see highlights from completed events at or at any news site. These will be hard to miss as there will be clips everywhere on the web.

And, of course, even if you have cut the cord, you still can watch the Olympics live on your TV using an antennae, even in HD!

There’s a good article on CNN going into more detail about the online coverage of the London Olympics online if you’re interested: