Why You Should Cancel Cable And Never Look Back

Cable TV was a great innovation that helped people to watch a selection of hundreds of channels and get a great picture without any fuzzy or snowy effects on the TV screen. In return for this enjoyable experience we were all happy to pay out money for renting cable boxes and even if we watched the same shows as before without experimenting much with the wider choice of networks we were still happy with this enhancement to our quality of life. Of course it was still necessary to rent movies or sign up for sites like Netflix while buying appropriate equipment such as the iPhone for convenient online viewing while on the move.

Our enjoyment of cable TV was similar to a rush of excitement to the head or falling in love. Only after a long time was it possible to step back and take a rational look at the situation. Adding up the entire rental and other costs we were spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on this love affair with cable TV. It was great, but we began to realize that there might be a cheaper way to enjoy the offerings.

Looking at the situation with a cool head, we began to realize that those TV shows we watched on cable could be available more cheaply elsewhere. Many of the shows most of us love to watch are on broadcast TV and the movies and other TV shows we enjoy are often available online through the websites of TV networks or from sites like Netflix. For most of the time we were paying out hundreds of dollars for a selection of shows on cable TV that we never wanted to watch, unwilling to change just because of a few shows that we could not find elsewhere. So we were still inclined to hold on to the cable dream because there was such a clear picture and there were one or two shows we liked to watch that were only available on cable TV.

Looking round for alternatives we found that free broadcast digital TV has become available in recent years. This also makes available many more TV channels than were previously available on broadcast TV and these are easy to receive without becoming committed to expensive rentals and subscriptions. A relatively cheap set top box can be bought to allow any TV to receive digital broadcasts, and even this may not be necessary if you already have HDTV.  The quality of reception from free broadcast digital TV is the same as the reception from digital cable TV.

The offering of TV channels on free broadcast digital TV is wide enough to keep most people happy. Any shows or movies that cannot be found on broadcast digital TV can be found online and movies or other TV shows we need to watch can be found on Hulu or Netflix.  We were therefore able to cancel the cable TV subscription and save more than a thousand dollars a year.

To see what broadcast digital channels are available in your area all you need to do is go to Antennaweb.org or TVFool.com and put in your zip code on the relevant page. You can then get a list of the digital channels available, their distance from you and the strength of the signal. This can give you an idea of what kind of antenna you need to buy and what direction it should be pointed in. We wish you happy digital viewing.

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