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Watch your favorite shows on YouTubeYouTube is a place where people can upload their own content and share it with other people. On YouTube it is possible to find and watch creative videos shared by others and to connect with other people across the world. Through YouTube people can exchange information in addition to watching a whole range of other entertainment. You can also create original videos for sharing with the other people on YouTube. On YouTube Movies you can view movies and a selection of TV shows.

By using YouTube Shows it is possible to catch up with some of the most recent TV shows and watch past episodes you may have missed before. The clips and TV shows available from YouTube include some live streaming of shows and a selection of recently broadcasted shows and some other live events. Increasingly offerings from TV channels are provided on YouTube in the form of clips. The offering from YouTube can provide you with TV and movie entertainment in addition to other original content. You can find a content creator you like and subscribe for future content from that source.

From YouTube Movies you can access a selection of movies in categories like animation, comedy, documentary, action, adventure, drama, science and technology including movies from Bollywood. It is easy to find the type of movie you want to watch by searching in the category you prefer. It is also possible to access a selection of educational videos in subjects like history, biology, mathematics or politics. A subscription to YouTube therefore allows you to watch TV and movies as well as improve your education all for very little cost.

What We Liked

  • There is a selection of clips and TV shows available on YouTube;
  • It is possible to cancel the expensive subscription to cable TV and subscribe to YouTube for a fraction of the cost;
  • The choice of movies available is covers a number of categories and is easy to search;
  • The offering on YouTube includes a range of educational videos;
  • You can see creative and original videos from YouTube content creators.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Although the selection of movies and TV shows is quite wide not everything is available;
  • YouTube provides some different material you can watch as well as the TV shows that you can find on the websites of the major TV networks.

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

  • Anyone who wants to see a range of TV shows without the need to pay expensive subscriptions for cable TV;
  • People who want to watch a selection of movies without going out to the cinema;
  • Anyone wanting to improve their education by watching relevant videos;
  • People who want to create original videos and share them with other subscribers;
  • Anyone who wants to subscribe to original content created online.

What Equipment Do I Need?

  • To access YouTube you only need a computer or mobile device and a fast Internet connection.


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