That’s right, it might be difficult to find an NFL game across town live online, but if you want to watch the “Curiosity” rover touch down on Mars, no problem. is making the landing available for viewing all around the world… LIVE… ONLINE… and yes, it’s FREE. For those cord cutters interested in television that is literally out of this world, NASA TV is available for you to watch online all the time. Tonight the latest rover will land on Mars and send back images once it is on the ground. No video from Mars yet, but this is still one small step for man, one giant leap towards canceling cable. OK, maybe it’s a bigger step in the advancement of science, but the point is, there is a lot of great live content online for free to those who want to cancel cable.

Watch NASA TV for free at

The web interface on for watching NASA TV live.

NASA TV: Rover Landing on Mars

Image from the flight down to the surface.

NASA TV: Control Room While Rover is Landing on Mars

The Control Room while the rover “Curiosity” was landing on Mars.

Control Room Celebrates When First Picture is Sent Back

The control room celebrates when the first picture from the rover on Mars is downloaded.

First Image From Mars Rover "Curiosity"

The first image sent back from Mars by the rover “Curiosity” (notice the rover’s wheel) is broadcast on NASA TV.

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